Step ahead into the future...

An alternative approach to dealing with environmental issues

Within the AREA Group we have set up an agency dedicated to environmentally-friendly solutions: AREA Canopée. What is the point of such a specialist pole? It is because we are convinced that the construction industry has a responsibility in climate change and our living conditions. This is why we feel it is crucial to be working towards reducing our environmental footprint.

While the AREA Canopée agency includes men and women from a variety of walks of life and educational backgrounds, it is nevertheless a very good example of how different strengths and areas of expertise can be made to work together. Specialising in assisting owners with diagnoses, feasibility studies, technical surveys and follow-up all the way through to the operating report, AREA Canopée works to ensure an environmentally-friendly approach to the day-to-day running, to foster awareness and educate everyone involved, and to produce quality work.

Having the knowledge so as to reduce the impacts

As of the draft project stage, the purpose of analysis carried out by AREA Canopée is to enable validation or otherwise of design options through an assessment of the environmental impacts:

- Keeping down energy requirements
- Proposal for alternative more environmentally-friendly solutions (renewable energy, storm water recovery, materials etc.)
- Analysis of hygrothermal comfort and estimate of requirements in a fluctuating state (Dynamic Thermal Simulation)
- Analysis of visual comfort (daylight factor)
- Multicriteria project analysis (according to the HQE® high environmental quality frame of reference) (grey energy, fluids requirement assessment, hygrothermal comfort and visual comfort, medical, ecological impact etc).

All these tasks are taken from the programming stage right through to the operating stage.

The construction industry itself consumes:

50% of our natural resources, 40% of our energy (it is the biggest consumer of final energy) and 16% of our water. It generates an amount of waste equivalent to household waste (approx. 32 million metric tons per annum) and accounts for 21% of the country’s carbon emissions (2004).

To combat global warming, greenhouse gas emissions will have to be cut back: France will need to have quartered its 1990 levels by 2050.

Today, we have the knowledge, the know-how and the technology to change to cleaner alternatives and construct more environmentally-friendly buildings.

…for your technical projects

Our fields of studies

Working to its strong point - the complementarity of its teams - the AREA Group places at your service the technical support needed to bring your project to completion :

3 Engineering units researching all fluids (AREA études nantes, AREA études la roche et AREA études la baule) to carry out a full range of technical studies (feasibility, diagnosis, design engineering and construction management) in the following areas: high and low voltage electricity, alarms, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, sanitary plumbing, special and medical fluids…

1 Fire safety department (part of d’AREA études nantes) specialising in fire systems coordination and fire safety in buildings all the way through from the design stage to acceptance of a facility.

1 agency specialising in the environment (AREA canopée) to advise and assist project owners and managers in limiting the impact of a construction on the environment.

1 specialist in historic buildings (AREA études la baule) to carry out all fluid-related technical studies as part of major heritage rehabilitation schemes.

1 fluids technical survey agency (AREA consultants) to perform assignments with legal experts, and also the safety and security of technical facilities at major events (for international conferences among heads of state) and to take part in developing engineering construction programmes.

Our core activities

Our teams are involved with all types of buildings, whether they be small- or large-scale projects: Sociocultural, Education, Government, Hospital and Research, Heritage, Housing, Sports facilities, Restaurants and Hotels, Industry, Commercial Establishments…


A group that listens to you

AREA has recruited teams of engineers specialising in fluids and renewable energy: engineers, technicians, thermal and electrical draughtsmen, and specialists in environmentally-friendly architecture. Our staff of over 34 has at their disposal both the human resources and the skills needed for managing each and every project.

And tomorrow?

At AREA, respect for the environment begins at home. This is why for us it is crucial that a number of steps be taken in this direction:

- Research and development of alternative solutions
- Awareness campaigns among our personnel within our own structures through in-house training, eco-gestures etc.
- An environmentally-friendly approach to our own buildings (high environmental quality targets at our offices at Saint-Aignan)

Our philosophy

For over 21 years, for the development of each project, our group has combined a human approach with technical mastery:

- Our companies are human sized
- Our know-how is handed down internally
- Sharing of knowledge
- Keeping up with technological advances through training programmes
- Selection of dynamic teams from a variety of backgrounds

Between you and us

The architectural designs on which we work within the prime contractor teams or with the association Architecture et Maîtres d’Ouvrage (AMO) are intended for a broad range of end-users depending on the category of buildings and activities.

In order to fully meet the expectations of our dormant partners and users, we need to make available to them an efficient, high performance service for their guaranteed satisfaction.

This is what we have come to expect from Management by Quality (ISO 9001 version 2000), this is the challenge that we have taken on, and we mean to rise to that challenge.


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